Practice Notes from Tsoknyi Rinpoche Retreat

Connect to Essence Love Find the Space(Ying) There are different types of “I” structures, the “Reified I”: Reified ego Self cherishing ego ** There is a danger, that sometimes the reified I is practicing rigpa. Meditations The dance is between the relative and the ultimate. The “mirror I”  is fluid. Connect with Essence Love (Open Heart) Handshake sticky emotions/thoughts (Clear Mind) Keep the lung down (Grounded Body) Bring clarity to everything relative. Approach emotions with clarity even strong afflictive emotions like anger. With the equanimity comes the discerning wisdom. Perception... Read The Rest →

Practice Notes: NFB + Trekcho

Protocol: 33min Theta-Alpha Synchrony across Fz and Pz Notes: Saline sensors were used. Trekcho practiced to cut dualistic thinking. Handshake of discursive thinking without rejecting. Will use more fixed methodology to describe subjective experience like Judson Brewer’s study 1) Morning Meditation: Practiced Tsa Lung that I learned Sunday from Geshe YongDong. This included the 5 magic movements, and 9 Clearing breaths. References   [ + ] 1. ↑

Practice Notes – NFB w/ Saline Sensors

Protocol: Theta-Alpha-Gamma Sync/2 channel/Fz-Pz-Cz/48:43m   Notes:  I’m now following the first-person phenomenological framework as presented by Claire Petitmengin who was a doctoral student under Francisco Varela. 1) References   [ + ] 1. ↑

Practice Notes – Rigpa + NFB

TAG Sync 43:15 Notes:  Practiced trekcho with both Judith’s method finding the center of the head and Tulku Urgyen’s turning awareness in on itself. Judith’s method dropped awareness into the body quickly and was able to record more phase resets. The goal was to stay in the natural state. When ma-rigpa occurred, handshake the phenomena and then return to the natural state. Will incorporate Allan Wallace’s first person phenomenology framework suggestion. Sensory Clarity/6/Equanimity/5/Concentration/4/

Practice Notes – rigpa

Mantras (Ordinary Refuge and Bodhicitta, Special Refuge, Four Boundless States, Special Bodhicitta, Mandala Offering) 9 Breathings Tsa Lung (5 magic movements) Vase Breathing (10 min) Resting in Non-conceptual Awareness (25 min) Contemplation on Emptiness Stanza 3 1)Nagurjuna’s Seventy Stanzas – David Ross Komito Notes: Rigpa is still unstable, although events arise and detach quickly. Handshaking wasn’t necessary for any of the 25 minute meditation. The phone and anxiety about not starting the day quickly enough, caused discursive thinking. Resistance was felt and returned to Rigpa. Special Insight: Rigpa can be... Read The Rest →

Practice Notes: May 12

Morning meditation: Dzogchen/Loving Kindness Mantra Bon 9 breathings Tsa Lung 5 Movements Concentration – Asanga’s Elephant Path (10 min) Just Sit (25min) Dedication of Merit Day: Trekcho Handshake practice Night: None

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