Practice Notes – rigpa

    1. Mantras (Ordinary Refuge and Bodhicitta, Special Refuge, Four Boundless States, Special Bodhicitta, Mandala Offering)
    2. 9 Breathings
    3. Tsa Lung (5 magic movements)
    4. Vase Breathing (10 min)
    5. Resting in Non-conceptual Awareness (25 min)
    6. Contemplation on Emptiness Stanza 3 1)Nagurjuna’s Seventy Stanzas – David Ross Komito


Rigpa is still unstable, although events arise and detach quickly. Handshaking wasn’t necessary for any of the 25 minute meditation. The phone and anxiety about not starting the day quickly enough, caused discursive thinking. Resistance was felt and returned to Rigpa.

Special Insight:

Rigpa can be returned to with intention without the clarity aspect, but rather a feeling in the body. Feels like a dropping into the midsection and complete letting go. This is different than clearing dualistic thinking through intention + recognition of clarity. Test this again tomorrow.

Quality of Practice:

Sensory Clarity/5/Equanimity/5/Concentration/4/


References   [ + ]

1. Nagurjuna’s Seventy Stanzas – David Ross Komito

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