Awakening SOC #6

I often have these experiences that I mistakenly called ‘witnessing awareness’. The actualists call it a ‘pure consciosness experience’.. a PCE. When I’m in this mode, I feel that there is no separation between myself and other. When I look for a separate sense of self, there is none. There is a wondrous sense of awe. This is very different from the ‘sinking into beingness’ that I was trying to get after. I still don’t fully understand what the ‘sinking into beingness’ means. It happens to me with some sense of... Read The Rest →

Awakening SOC #5

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves.  – Nisargadatta Maharaj I’ve had a lot of different awakenings in the past few weeks, but two have been clear as day for me. I had a lot of trouble integrating them into my thinking. The first was the idea that there is nobody home. When I ask myself “Who am I?” I can only answer with what I am not. I am not this body. I am not these thoughts. I... Read The Rest →

Awakening SOC #4

Fourth Stream of Consciousness Post.. After the Finder’s course is I have a bunch of retreats scheduled to deepen my understanding. Tathagata – At the end of the month, I’m going back to the Tathagata center for a 2 day retreat. The Tathagata center is always a good opportunity for me to get out of the city and center myself. When I go there I always feel free of worry and can completely devote myself to my practice. It’ll give me the chance to revisit my Theravadan Buddhist spiritual roots... Read The Rest →

Awakening SOC Part 3.

Stream of consciousness post… 2 weeks left in the Finders Course. I’ve been thinking a lot about the shifts in consciousness that I’ve been having. It feel likes a gradual unraveling of my idea of ‘self’. This feel nothing like the abrupt enlightenment experiences of the sages and contemplatives that I’ve read about or heard from in the past… so maybe I’m not there yet. Who knows? I do know that that have been big foundational changes in my sense of identity. I don’t identify with the small-biographical self anymore. I... Read The Rest →

Awakening SOC Part 2.

Here’s another stream of consciousness post. I’m still trying to figure all this out and may be sloppy with my phrasing. . They say awakening is available to us in every moment, and it is a practice of awakening to our true selves moment by moment. I’m starting to understand what this means, not on an intellectual level but a more visceral-feeling level. You can’t awaken through the mind. I know that. The act of awakening appears to be an act of suspending the mind and being truly present. This week,... Read The Rest →

Awakening SOC Part.1

You are unenlightened to the extent that you are embedded in your thoughts -Kenneth Folk Noting is the practice of objectifying sense-perceptions and thoughts. This allows you to discriminate between thoughts, feelings, sense perceptions and what is ultimately your true self. Your true self can be said to be a timeless-boundless-awareness. Timeless.. in the sense experience only happens now. Look to your experience. It is only happening now. The past is a thought. The future is a mental projection which is also a thought. If you go the route of... Read The Rest →

Stream Entry – Sottapana

Stream of consciousness post… Sottapana, or a stream winner, is a person who has eradicated the first three fetters(self identity, skeptical doubt, and adherence to rites and rituals). It’s the first of the four stages to enlightenment. 1. Anatta (No-self) – The 5 aggregates of self have been penetrated. Feelings, perception, physical, mental formations, and consciousness have been teased out. Each aggregate is seen as it actually is. 2. Skeptical doubt – Being able to see past the small self, and existing in pure awareness, I was able to realize... Read The Rest →

Consumer EEG Devices

nirHEG – better reaction time and ability to track, better for training people with ADHD Neurosky – $75-500, only 1 sensor EPOC – 16 sensors $480(299 for headset and 179 for Mind Workstation)  

My Experience with Neuroptimal

I’m going into doing my first neuroptimal neurofeedback session today. First, a little background on Neuroptimal. Neuroptimal is a non-invasive neurofeedback training system which works using EEG and negative feedback using sound. It acts to create resilience in the brain by alerting you when there is turbulance in brain activity. It operates on the idea that the brain is a nonlinear dynamical system, which Neuroptimal feeds information to organize and reorganize. Neuroptimal operates on 16 different brain targets from the frequency bands of .001 to 42 Hz. I’m excited to... Read The Rest →

Theta Alpha Gamma Synchronization

TAG Sync targets the default mode network of the brain. It was invented by Douglas Dailey. It emphasizes the theta, alpha, and gamma frequency bands through neurofeedback. He chose the developing midline anterior to posterior theta alpha synchrony which characterizes the brains of mammals, networks of neurocognitively mature adults and advanced synchronization features of mindfulness practitioners. This method depends on phase resets in the brain which indicate more frequent updates in the operational state.

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