Practice Log: Nov 21


Theta Alpha Gamma Synchrony

Theta 4-7Hz. Alpha 9-11Hz. Gamma 35-45Hz.


Fz Channel 1 . Pz Channel 2. Ground Cz


45 minutes Alpha-Gamma Training, 10 min Theta-Alpha Training

Quantitative Measures:

Phase Resets – ..N/A

Time in Reward – ..N/A

Qualitative Measures:

Before(B)/ After(A)

Sensory Clarity – .. N/A

Concentration – .. N/A

Equanimity – ..N/A


Used the TAG 2X protocol. Accidentally left the Band filter for 2 on Gamma. Was good correlation between resting nonconceptual awareness and quiet reward.


Went to Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s weekend retreat.

Next Session, do the same TAG2X protocol.

Beta Spindling may occur. Be mindful of this cases with others.

Day 8 of TAG Sync. TAGX2 day 3.


Experiments for next session:

Visualization, Space, Bodily Awareness Meditations


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