Innovation In Genetics Using Big Data and Opensouce

I read an interesting interview lately on O’reilly about the power of Big Data Science and traditional molecular biology. Molecular biology is becoming more and more digital. The very vocabulary of molecular biology are DNA base pairs which are expressed as A’s,T’s, C’s, and G’s parallel information technology which uses 0s and 1s. Scanned sequences in molecular biology are now rating on the terabyte scale. In genomics, the term big data is far from a buzzword. For high frequency and RNA sequencing scans the output is on the terabyte scale.... Read The Rest →

Why I Love Turnablism

This is why I love turntablism. Still gives me chills watchin this. Im going to go dust off my 1200s and start spinning again. Im serious this time.

Word Cloud For My Delicious Tags

I recently decided to do a Wordcloud using Delicious tags from my own account. Although I am a heavy heavy user of Delicious, I don’t always tag my bookmarks so the wordcloud is not a accurate portrayal of my web browsing activities. It is interested none-the-less.  

Gettin Back Into Triathlon Shape

Been going to the pool about twice a week and that has pretty much been it in terms of cardio. Still tryin to gain some weight before triathlon season starts up again. I’ve gained about 7 lbs of it back since Dec.  Ended up doing a duathlon last season because my swim just wasn’t strong enough but this time around it’ll be different. Im sure of it. My goal is still to gain 10 more lbs by hitting the weights and eating like a goldfish, before I start cutting again.... Read The Rest →

Experimenting With Processing.js

I’ve been playing with the making interactive elements using Processing’s javascript library. It’s pretty cool. Now I’ve just gotta think up a cool data visualization to apply it to.

Thomas Goetz – Health Informatics Visualizations

I’ve been working on a health visualization application for a Practice Fusion-sponsored developer competition as a side project, at first as an easy way to learn JQuery and build something cool, but it has turned into something much more valuable. It has really allowed me to see how much can be done with leveraging all the open data out there. With some clever front end engineering to visualize health data and action steps to really take charge of your health, we can really revolutionize personal health through technology. Smart phones... Read The Rest →

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