Stream Entry – Sottapana

Stream of consciousness post…

Sottapana, or a stream winner, is a person who has eradicated the first three fetters(self identity, skeptical doubt, and adherence to rites and rituals). It’s the first of the four stages to enlightenment.

1. Anatta (No-self) – The 5 aggregates of self have been penetrated. Feelings, perception, physical, mental formations, and consciousness have been teased out. Each aggregate is seen as it actually is.

2. Skeptical doubt – Being able to see past the small self, and existing in pure awareness, I was able to realize on a visceral level the truth of the Dharma.

3. No Clinging to Rites and Rituals – I’ve never been one to adhere to rigid rites and rituals anyhow. This is what drove me away from Zen, Pureland Buddhism, and the Abrahamic religions.

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