Jun Update

Triathlon Training – Been spending more time at the pool, going through this program called “Total Immersion.”Its allready helping me to decrease my number of strokes per length. Just finished reading “Born to Run”. awesomely inspiring.

Company Stuff – Been winding down my work with CareCrunch. Moving to a more turnkey biz model.

Mindfulness – Went to a Thubten Dharje Ling for a couple of morning meditation sessions. Will do a lot more of it.

Other stuff :

Turntablism – Getting back into DJ’ing which means I need to buy a Serato.

Programming – Still workin through “Learning Python the Hard Way” & Collective Intelligence. Reading up on big data.

Summer Reading:

Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

East of Eden


Omnivore’s Dilemma

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