Thomas Goetz – Health Informatics Visualizations

I’ve been working on a health visualization application for a Practice Fusion-sponsored developer competition as a side project, at first as an easy way to learn JQuery and build something cool, but it has turned into something much more valuable. It has really allowed me to see how much can be done with leveraging all the open data out there. With some clever front end engineering to visualize health data and action steps to really take charge of your health, we can really revolutionize personal health through technology. Smart phones are going to far surpass the pc as the mode of accessing the web, which makes it easier than ever to carry your personal health record around with you. Portability is the name of the game when it comes to personal health technology. New peripherals are being developed that attach to smart phone devices which cost very little to the consumer. My hope is that someday, personal health will be as accessible via technology the same way that personal finance now is. It’s a super exciting time to be working on health related applications.

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